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Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood Planks at WholeFoods With Class A Fire Treatment

Commercial Success Starts With Professional Service & Support

PlankWood is great for commercial applications where authentic reclaimed wood textures are needed.  Use on walls, bars, signs, ceilings,in retail, restaurants & bars, offices, churches, and more.

Toyota Roadhouse at Daytona International Speedway - Custom Reclaimed Gray Barwnood Planks

Custom Options

  • Custom Sizes - Longer, wider, shorter, thinner - No Problem! We'll custom mill exactly what you need to make your project a success.
  • Class A fire treatment? We do that...
  • Clear coat finish? Yup...
  • Custom paint colors?  We do that, too!


Reclaimed Shiplap White Barnwood at Sun Stop Urban Market in Florida  

Bulk Discounts /  Wholesale Pricing

Talk to our team about your project to see if your order qualifies for a bulk discount based on order volume and product availability.  Discounts up to 20% off retail pricing. Have a business with forklift or loading dock?  Save even more when shipping orders more than 300 ft².  

East End Bar & Grill With PlankWood Wall Cladding

reclaimed barnwood bulk discount

 When It Comes To Reclaimed Surfaces: We've Got You Covered

Custom Samples? Questions? Need A Quote?  Let's Connect!

We're here to help you meet your client's needs. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Commercial Sales Team Contact Info:
Office Phone: 765-838-3073
Aaron Cell: 765-412-3057
Instagram: @plankwoodco