Every Plank Has a Story

Around the country old barns sit in decay, reminders of a bygone era.  These structures provided shelter for livestock, grain, and hay storage and we're essential to a farm family's way of life.  We're responsibly reclaiming antique barn lumber and re-milling into installation-ready planks that will keep the history of these barns alive in a new form, in your home or business.

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Easy Installation, by Design.

PlankWood is a thin, lightweight, real barnwood plank milled from responsibly salvaged reclaimed barn lumber. Ready for simple glue and nail installation. No fuss. Just a great looking reclaimed surface. 

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Classic & Cozy

  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood
  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood
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  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood
  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood
  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood
  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood
  • Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood

Reclaimed Rustic Brown Barnwood

  • Rich mixture of rustic weathered brown tones
  • Each plank is crafted from genuine reclaimed lumber, from vintage American barns
  • Planks are precision milled for easy DIY installation
  • Authentic weathered and aged surface texture
  • Brush sanded for smooth feel and perfect finish
  • Made from oak, poplar, and other genuine reclaimed hardwoods
  • Consider mixing and matching with other PlankWood styles


  • Available in 3.5" or 5" widths.  Consider mixing widths for unique look.
  • Planks are 5/16" thick
  • Planks are 12" to 48" long
  • Custom sizes and finish options available on orders over 400 ft²


  • Installs horizontally, vertically, chevron, hearing bone, or your own pattern
  • Quickly install directly on drywall or plywood surfaces using construction adhesive and brad nails
  • Multiple trim options for the perfect finish.